DEVISD is a 100% subsidiary of Bentley Capital Limited and has operated as Bentley's technology investment and development division since 2013. During this time, DEVISD has developed a number of cutting edge products, deep diving into technologies such as augmented reality, mobile app development, beacon positioning solutions, GPS tracking, e-commerce and social media. Learn more...

With it's considerable experience in the technology sector, DEVISD is well positioned to capitalise on the paradigm shift associated with Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

DEVISD is currently focused on: 

  • Direct investments in Blockchain technology and entities developing business models based upon distributed ledger technology.
  • Develop it's own applications based upon Blockchain technology.   

Bentley Capital Limited (ASX: BEL) is an Australian Stock Exchange company listed since 1985 with over 32 years international investment experience. Bentley has a proven track record of delivering great investment opportunities and regular shareholder distributions to it's shareholders.


Incorporation with:

Incorporation with




The Bentley Asset Exchange is a project currently under development that will allow asset backed cryptocurrencies to be traded easily and quickly for significantly lower fees than the source asset they are pinned to.


The BeaxCoin is a coin with real tangeable value, as it is convertible into shares in Bentley Capital Limited. At any time, Bentley Capital will exchange a BeaxCoin for a real Bentley Capital share, which Bentley will seek to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

This is not the only benefit tied to the BeaxCoin however, as a share of the profits generated by the proposed Bentley Asset Exchange (outlined below) will be distributed amongst BeaxCoin holders on a predetermined schedule. For every transaction that occurs on the Bentley Asset Exchange, the fees associated with these transactions will be divided up and credited to the existing coin holders. 

Put simply, owning a BeaxCoin offers a share in a well established Australian investment company with over 32 years success through national and international investments, as well as a proportion of the profits generated by the Bentley Assets Exchange on an ongoing basis.



Holders of the BeaxCoin will be rewarded through additional BeaxCoin payments at set intervals, based on the percentage holding in relation to total holdings worldwide. The value of these rewards will be determined by the profits generated through transactions initiated using the Bentley Asset Exchange.

Payout Structure:





Total supply:

Equivalent to Bentley Capital Limited (BEL) ASX share price. Currently $0.12 AUD.



Initially the BAEXCoin will be distributed out to existing Bentley Capital Limited shareholders in the form of a dividend payment, with shareholders having the option to trade the cryptocurrency on an existing exchange, or apply to convert their coins into real Bentley Capital Limited shares (that can be traded on the Australia Stock Exchange).

Once this first stage has been completed, DEVISD will begin development of the Bentley Asset Exchange, with a view to tightly integrate the BAEXCoin into the core workings of the exchange. This will allow the distribution of transaction fees/profits to BEAXCoin holders.

The third and final step will be to introduce transactable (via the Bentley Asset Exchange) asset backed crytocurrencies that can be exchanged for their underlying asset at any time. This will offer a stable, safe, cheap alternative to trading the assets using traditional methods.


What can I do with BAEXCoin?

1. At predetermined intervals (TBA) the distributable profit generated by the Bentley Asset Exchange is transferred to the Ethereum (ETH) wallet containing the Smart Contract. The ETH is then redistributed proportionately to all holders of BAEX tokens according to smart contract conditions.
2. In order to receive the dividends, BAEX has to be stored in an Ethereum wallet, which supports ERC20 compliant tokens, such as the wallet available in the dashboard through this website (, MyEtherWallet, Parity or Mist.
3. You can also trade BAEX on the WAVES exchange. Simply use the "send" option in your BAEX dashboard to transfer the tokens to the exchange deposit address.